Commercial and Narratives

Thanks for dropping by imagingvoice.com. I hope to be the perfect voice for your next project. Whether it’s commercial, industrial, animation, video games, on-hold, audiobook narration, or imaging for your station, my broad range of styles and over 30 years experience will bring a compelling sound to your production. In a hurry? Send me some copy to audition or call me direct: 503-348-2620. Your turnaround time will be very short. I hope to work with you soon. DOWNLOAD DEMO


Voice Imaging

Imaging is the audio branding of your radio or TV station, cablecast, podcast, newscast, or any broadcast presence. It is the voice or soul of your station. It works for station ID’s, promos, teases, intros, bumpers, anywhere you want to separate your talent from some quick on-air notes. Launching something new? I’m available for imaging on a per-page basis or on retainer for a variety of formats. Want to hear how I would sound on your broadcast? Send me a few lines, I’ll turn them around within 24 hours and we’ll see if I’m just right for you. DOWNLOAD DEMO



Whether you’re on a long drive or stuck on mass transit, trips always seem to go better and faster with a good story. Whether your book is a techno-thriller, hard boiled mystery, self-improvement, or do-it-yourselfer, I can provide expert narration that keeps pace with the storyline and really makes the characters come alive. If you’re interested in making your book part of the billion dollar audiobook business, give me a call, or email me a few pages and let me take a swing at it. There are only so many available hours in a day for someone to enjoy your book, so why not let them enjoy it while driving, walking, or commuting? Click below to hear my audiobook demo, or a piece of one of my recent audiobooks The Timekeeper by former Secret Serviceman-turned-author┬áMichael A. Hodge. DOWNLOAD DEMO


Sample of┬áThe Timekeeper by Michael Hodge – DOWNLOAD DEMO


Aggressive Country Imaging

For the last few years, I’ve been developing an alternative country music branding sound that is working very well for both terrestrial and internet radio channels.

Beginning with Clear Channel’s #4 most programmed HD station–Mother Trucker–my aggressive country imaging voice is the perfect foil for the over-rehearsed, over-produced, occasionally sappy country sound that has been plastered over the airwaves. This gritty imaging presence invokes the outlaw country spirit of years past. Of Waylon and Willie. Of Charlie and Merle. Of Jerry Jeff and Hank and Hoyt, and dozens of others. Heard for three years on Detroit’s #1 Country Music station–106.7 FM The Fox–Aggressive Country Imaging is available for your station whether you program modern country, outlaw country, or something in between like Mother Trucker. Belly up to the bar and have a listen to the demo below. DOWNLOAD DEMO


Characters and Animation

Growing up in the 60’s meant a steady diet of Hanna-Barbera and Warner Brothers cartoons. And while no one can touch the genius of Mel Blanc, I like to think I was influenced by him and many other early cartoon voices. One recording engineer once described my characters as “three-dimensional” and that I “really believed in them.” I could not have been more flattered. Like any of the great character actors, a great character voice must convince the listener that it’s not just some guy disguising his voice for a moment of mirth. The listener must be convinced that the voice he hears really IS that character. George Jetson, Homer Simpson, Bugs Bunny. Timeless. Original. Immortal. These are characters who set the bar. I have done my best to try to get close to it. DOWNLOAD DEMO