tt-boardI have always prided myself on being more than an announcer. As a voice actor, an “announcer” is merely one of many voices in our standard portfolio. But a voice actor must be able to persuade, convince, cajole, cheer up, inform, mystify, or even frighten the listener. We must be able to carry a tune, cause you to think, get you to call, evoke an emotion, or pluck the strings of your heart with nothing more than the cords of our voices.

I can do this for you and so much more. And I am perfectly set up for commercials, narration, video game characters, or radio and  TV imaging in my Pro Tools/Adobe Audition/Neumann powered studio. Just e-mail a script, and I’ll send it back in CD, MP3, WAV, or AIFF. It’s up to you. Your turnaround time will be very, very short.

So, what’s your next project? Industrial, video, multi-media, CD-ROM, animation, radio or TV imaging, non-broadcast, on-hold projects, documentary, narration or eggs-in-your-face screwball characters. I’ve done them all, and I do them every day. Have a listen to some of my demos, then let me show you how fast and easy it can be. Send me a script…and I’ll send you some magic.